All district court personnel are eligible for membership.  

annual dues for fiscal year 2018 are $25.00.

why join?

Becoming an Association member is a great way to develop your professional skills, make new friends, and contribute to improving the operations of district courts in Virginia.

Spring and fall conferences provide opportunities for professional development and a chance to meet and collaborate with other members. The one-day conference frequently includes speakers of national stature, local experts on court procedures, technical workshops on court operations, and personal development seminars.

Do you have difficulty convincing anyone to hear or respond to your concerns? The Association provides a method for each member to elevate and strengthen concerns about state-wide court policies, procedures, and upcoming legislation that may affect our jobs.

The Association Executive Council meets regularly with appropriate Supreme Court staff to express membership concerns. And when the General Assembly is in session, input from membership is sought and an occasional letter writing campaign is organized to local legislators to request they vote in the best interest of court administration.

A few of the accomplishments enjoyed from unified joint efforts by the Association are: adequate vacation and sick leave, a good retirement program, improved salaries, and uniform traffic summons.

Active membership participation in the Association is encouraged with plenty of officer and regional representative positions, plus over ten various committees. But if you prefer, you can start slow and enjoy all of the benefits without any pressure to join a committee. So don't hesitate, join today and network with some of the best professionals in the state. Membership is open to all employees from all levels within the district courts of Virginia. 

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If you want to develop your professional skills, improve the operations of the district courts in Virginia, network, fellowship, and have fun in the process, consider becoming an Association member!  To learn more about membership, fill out the form below:

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